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Feb. 9, 2023

10-year-old Guitar Prodigy Interviewed by The Trout

10-year-old Guitar Prodigy Interviewed by The Trout
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Saxon Weiss, guitar prodigy, is a 10-year-old musician that is making waves with his incredible guitar playing expertise. Saxon visited with The Trout and talked about his learning his fretboard skills at such an early age. Saxon is already immersed into different musical genres whether it be heavy metal, jazz, country and classical just to name a few. Saxon was discovered playing at Norm's Rare Guitars in Los Angeles and Norm quickly made a video to distribute to his YouTube channel. The Trout was lucky to view the video and asked Saxon for an interview. Saxon is well on his way to being a very talented and well-known guitarist. Check out this interview to see the next generation of great guitarists for musical fans to enjoy.


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