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March 22, 2023

Ross Hemsworth - Driving on the Road to Musical Success

Ross Hemsworth has done it all when it comes to the music business. From driving a big tour truck filled with musical equipment from artists like Sir Paul McCartney, Bryan Adams and Beyonce to writing songs for successful art...

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March 16, 2023

How An in-Demand New York City DJ/Musician Mentors Inner City Youth

Prince Terrence is a NYC based DJ/ Musician. He is a highly in demand in New York City and can be found spinning an eclectic mix of the latest dance floor hits and classic party favorites at various clubs. When …

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March 9, 2023

The Energetic Infusion of Gideon King & City Blog

New York City geography is defined by musical genres. Deep blues lives uptown, jazz pulses in quiet corners from the West Village to high Broadway, and indie, fusion, pop, and funk push the envelope in Brooklyn and gritty Man...

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March 2, 2023

Grianne Duffy Irish Blues Singer Brings Her Talents to America

Grainne Duffy was born in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, Ireland and raised in a family of seven. As a schoolgirl she sang in her local choir and also in a family band with her sisters. The band was bred from their …

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Feb. 23, 2023

Grand Brulot and Joe Bonamassa - Cognac, Coffee and The Blues

So just how did Grand Brulot, a VSOP cognac and coffee blend, become partners with Blues Titan, Joe Bonamassa? Find out in this episode of The Trout Show. The Trout visits with Co-founder, CEO and President of Grand Brulot, F...

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Feb. 16, 2023

When Joe Bonamassa Says You're Good - People Listen

For the past ten years, The Cold Stares have toured the world relentlessly as a duo, blowing away audiences across the US and Europe with a fierce, blistering live show that belied their bare bones, guitar-and-drums setup. No...

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Feb. 9, 2023

10-year-old Guitar Prodigy Interviewed by The Trout

Saxon Weiss, guitar prodigy, is a 10-year-old musician that is making waves with his incredible guitar playing expertise. Saxon visited with The Trout and talked about his learning his fretboard skills at such an early age. S...

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Feb. 1, 2023

Keeping the Blues Alive With 14-Year-Old Guitar Phenom - Danny Guitar…

It's been said that great Blues musicians are born that way and some of the mere mortals who wish to be great may never achieve greatness. 14-year-old Danny Guitarwood appears to be just that a great Blues guitarist that is …

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Jan. 25, 2023

Walter Trout - The Exclusive Interview With American Blues Guitarist …

What can you say about a guy that's been laying down some sweet Blues licks for over 50 years that hasn't been said before? Walter Trout one of the preeminent Blues Guitarists of this decade and the last visited with …

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Jan. 21, 2023

Lucas Hoge - From Small Town to Big Town Country Music Success

Some people are just born communicators and Lucas Hoge has that gift which The Trout discovered with his exclusive interview with Lucas. Fans know this because Hoge's new album Dirty South ascended to the No. 1 spot on the Bi...

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Jan. 15, 2023

Liquid (Musical) Therapy With Chris Saunders Music.

Chris Saunders is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Manhattan. Coming from British and Jamaican roots, he had an innate love of music, which was nurtured by his family. Chris was raised on the music of icons, such …

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Jan. 12, 2023

Jeff Beck and Me

I, along with millions of others, were fans of guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck and I was sadden by the announcement of his recent sudden passing. This podcast is a quick story about how I was lucky to be invited by …

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Jan. 4, 2023

Andy Aledort Interview - I Played with the Jimi Hendrix Band at the R…

Andy Aledort is widely known for his transcriptions, instructional columns and DVDs and has also toured throughout the last two decades with Dickey Betts and the Jimi Hendrix Tribute. He is also co-author of the New York Time...

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Dec. 24, 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays From The Trout Show

Thank you for supporting The Trout Show Podcast for 2022. We have outstanding guests lined for up for 2023 until then have a Very Prosperous 2023. Thanks for listening for more information or to listen to other podcasts or wa...

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Dec. 24, 2022

Tik Toc Sensation K3 Sisters Band Exclusive Interview

Since 2009 when they formed the K3 Sisters Band (K3SB) Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen have generated over a billion views and likes from over 50 countries on their four verified social media platforms and website traffic. Texas m...

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Dec. 15, 2022

Eric Clapton's Unplugged Album Changed His Life

When Ed Struijlaart heard Eric Clapton's "Unplugged" album, released 30 years ago, he promised himself that he was going learn how to play acoustic guitar and learn how to play the songs on Eric's album. Now thirty years late...

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Dec. 6, 2022

Men Without Hats - The Story Behind Safety Dance

Nearly 40 years ago, they told the world "You can dance if you want to" - and the world listened. This is the story direct from singer and songwriter Ivan Doroschuk about how the famous song "Safety Dance" became a …

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Dec. 2, 2022

Vince Francis and the Swedish Heavy Metal Band, Temple Hill

Vince Francis, bassist for Sweden based Temple Hill Band, visits with The Trout about leaving his musical roots in America and moving to Sweden and forming a heavy metal band. Vince talks about his life growing up in Rocheste...

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Nov. 15, 2022

Roger Street Friedman - a 25 Year Musical Journey

Americana singer-songwriter Roger Street Friedman’s latest album—his fourth overall—Love Hope Trust, sagely and sensitively snapshots moments of modern living. It’s a sonic scrapbook that documents a divided world while explo...

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Nov. 7, 2022

Sicard Hollow Band - The Experts in Progressive Bluegrass Music

Formed with a mutual passion for pushing the boundaries of genre, and heavily influenced by the Grateful Dead and New Grass Revival, the members of Sicard Hollow grew up sick of existing institutions telling them what their m...

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Oct. 26, 2022

N.O.A.H. - The Next Great Irish Independent Rock Band? Absolutely!

N.O.A.H. is an up and coming outstanding three-member band based out of Dublin, Ireland with their sights set on introducing their original independent Rock Music to the world. Their outstanding songwriting and performing ski...

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Oct. 20, 2022

All You Need Is Drums -That Ringo Sound

The Trout visits with Joe Montague of All You Need is Drums website and that 60's recording podcasts. Joe is a I graduate from the renowned Jazz Course at Leeds College of Music in 2011 before embarking on his career …

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Oct. 12, 2022

How to Become a Professional Musician With Jessica Collado and The Tr…

Born in Miami, FL Jessica Muñiz-Collado is a composer, producer, and music career consultant, who has created music for numerous production companies and music libraries including MundoFOX, Univision, PBS, IMAX, and Universal...

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Oct. 3, 2022

Suzi Kory - From Airline Manager to Country Music Star

Born in Beirut, Kory's parents moved the family to Toronto when she was eight months old. Her mother, a devoted fan of country music would continuously play classic country, and Kory found herself singing along. By her teens,...

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