Welcome to The Trout Show!


Rick Troutman, aka The Trout, is a Texas-born songwriter, musician, producer, connector, collaborator, and fun-loving personality at the helm of The Trout Show on YouTube. That’s the semi-professional part. At his heart, Rick is still that wide-eyed 12-year-old boy from South Texas who wouldn’t put his guitar down for all the tea in China. A former suit-and-tie-wearing member of Corporate America by day with decades of experience as a marketing, sales, and management executive, Rick parlayed his boyhood love for music and a lifelong gift of gab into a musical career that spans nearly 60 years. In 2022, Rick released his latest album, Pocket Full of Sun, a collaborative project that includes 10 tasty tunes by Rick and other great musicians. A year earlier, he launched his YouTube and podcast channels focusing on down-to-earth conversations with some of the music industry’s more intriguing characters and visionaries.