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Dec. 15, 2022

Eric Clapton's Unplugged Album Changed His Life

Eric Clapton's Unplugged Album Changed His Life
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When Ed Struijlaart heard Eric Clapton's "Unplugged" album, released 30 years ago, he promised himself that he was going learn how to play acoustic guitar and learn how to play the songs on Eric's album. Now thirty years later, Ed has fulfilled his dream and he is touring his native country, The Netherlands, performing note for note each tune on the Unplugged album. As Ed tells The Trout during their interview, Eric Clapton's music changed his life. He now is full time professional musician providing his exceptional guitar skills to Clapton's music as well as he own original songs in concerts throughout the Netherlands and beyond. Come along to learn about Ed's musical journey in this episode of The Trout Show.

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