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Alex Whorms - Master Songwriter, Singer and Composer. Exclusive Interview With The Trout

While some artists work to master their chosen genre and others may even manage to define one, Alex Whorms crafts music that is essentially a genre unto itself. From her beloved piano, the singer, songwriter and screen composer flows freely and flawlessly between styles and sounds, gracefully blending classic singer-songwriter pop, jazz, soul, rock, classical, folk and almost anything else that strikes her fancy — while investing everything with honest tales and authentic emotions drawn from her own life and experiences.
Not bad for someone who didn't — and wouldn't — listen to the radio until a few years ago. A self-described "classical music kid” who became a "musical theatre kid” in high school, Whorms went from practising piano five hours a day to reading charts in pit bands and conducting choirs while still in her teens.
Exclusive interview with The Trout.