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The Energetic Infusion of Gideon King & City Blog

New York City geography is defined by musical genres. Deep blues lives uptown, jazz pulses in quiet corners from the West Village to high Broadway, and indie, fusion, pop, and funk push the envelope in Brooklyn and gritty Manhattan haunts. Guitarist, composer, and bandleader Gideon King is a Big Apple musical diplomat, conducting lively artistic conversations across these borders.
Gideon King & City Blog possess that rarefied artistic quantity of attracting finicky music fans who have an urban pop sophistication. “Brick by brick we are building something,” Gideon acknowledges. “There have been a lot of what I might call ‘micro victories,’ people stopping us on the street and saying they love a particular song or earning the respect of musicians.” He continues: “In the end, I want us to be known for working like hell to do something different with music.”
Learn more about Gideon King whose band has been compared to likes of Steely Dan and Stevie Wonder by watching his exclusive interview with The Trout.