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Feb. 16, 2023

When Joe Bonamassa Says You're Good - People Listen

When Joe Bonamassa Says You're Good - People Listen
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For the past ten years, The Cold Stares have toured the world relentlessly as a duo, blowing away audiences across the US and Europe with a fierce, blistering live show that belied their bare bones, guitar-and-drums setup. Now, the band is embracing a whole new kind of chemistry as they launch their next chapter, adding a third member and channeling the classic power trio sound they grew up on. After Joe Bonamassa informed his Instagram followers that The Cold Stares was a great band to listen to their fan base exploded. Now they are touring America and Europe with their raw in your face hard driving tunes. Chris Tapp with the Cold Stares visits with The Trout about their upcoming album release and international tours. Discover why Bonamassa says their a musical force to be reckoned with by watching this interview.

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